Starway MFG, as the ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer, provides Custom Metal Welding Service as per the design, including Steel welding, Stainless steel welding and Aluminum welding service for both sheets and pipes.

We have the welding capabilities like Spot welding, Plug welding, Stud welding , Stitch welding ,Tack welding ,Continuous welding etc, equipped with 6m long welding tables that enables use to handle small and big scale welding structures.

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Carbon Steel Welding

For carbon steel welding, we need to care about the consistent welding bead, the deformation after welding, and the welding bead size to make sure of strength. We usually use Tig welding for the thin steel sheet or steel pipe, and Mig welding for thick steel sheet. Removing cleanly the welding spatters to make sure of fine finish. We are equipped with welding station at 2000*4000mm that enables us to weld big steel structures or frames. 


Stainless Steel Welding

Stainless welding, Tig welding is the frequently used option with stainless welding wire. We have much experience in handling Stainless steel products welding, knowing how to control the welding speed to form the good looking welding bead, and the electrical currency to make sure of the welding strength. 

Besides, in order to make sure of the welding precision, we are designing and building the welding fixture to allocate all the welded components in correct place, and control the welded frame or structures at the correct size. 

And also, we are able to handle Fillet welding, Plug welding, spot welding, or welding studs as per the drawing request.


Aluminum Welding

Compare with Carbon steel or Stainless Steel, apparently Aluminum ally is the most difficult material to weld, as it is much affected by the workshop enverionment like humidity or tempreture. 

We have a lot experience and knowledge in aluminum welding. AL5052-H32 and AL6061-T6 are the most frequentely welded alloy. 

We are normally use tig welding for all the aluminum welded parts, and we have the welding operators who are handling the aluminum welding exclusively, and our aluminum welding areas are seperated to avoid contamination from the stainless steel or carbon steel. 


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