Sheet Metal Workshop Overview

The Sheet Metal Fabrication workshop occupies 7000sqm, equipped with Hi-Tech manufacturing machinery.

Starway provides the engineering and manufacturing service of different sheet metal parts & assembly based on customers’ design or concept that includes:

-- Cutting: Shear, Laser cut, CNC Punch

-- Bending: Various forming shape

-- Welding: Tig, Mig & Spot welding

-- Drilling, Taping, PEM Insertion ect

All the different surface treatment as Painting, Powder coating, Zinc plating, HDG, Anodization will be outsourced

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Steel Sheet Fabrication

Carbon steel is one of the most frequently used materials for sheet metal fabrication industry. It covers a lot different applications like steel cabinet, steel enclosure for the electrical or telecommunication industry; steel kiosk, steel frame for the display industry; steel tank for oil & gas industry; steel panel, steel brackets, steel structure or steel braces ect for trailer, automotive industries. Steel sheet metal parts are everywhere you stay. 

For the steel sheet fabrication, it is much more easier compared with stainless sheet or aluminum sheet, as carbon steel sheet is easy for cutting, easy to bend and weld as well, and it is much more cost-saving than the other two options.

We are able to laser cut steel sheet up to 20mm thick, bend and fold the steel sheet at up to 8mm thick, and finally apply the Tig welding or Mig welding operation to join the steel components together as structure.

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Stainless Sheet Fabrication:

Compared with steel sheet, Stainless steel takes the advantage of "rust-resistance", so stainless sheet metal parts are normally used in severe environment, and thanks to the good looking finish of the stainless steel sheet, the fabricated stainless parts are frequently used for aesthetical purpose. The Stainless Cabinets, Stainless Enclosure, Stainless Frame, Stainless Frame, Stainless Structure, Stainless Tank and various Stainless brackets, supports, corners are what we manufactured often. 

For stainless laser cutting, we are able to cut up to 12mm thick sheet, bend the cut stainless plates or panels at the requested shape with our tooling, then join the different stainless components together by Tig welding, Mig welding or even spot welding based on the drawing. At the very last step, we are able to brush or polish the finish of the stainless products. 

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Aluminum Sheet Fabrication:

Aluminum alloy sheet, as it is quite light, is always a good option when the product weight is a "think-point", the aluminum sheet metal parts like the aluminum structure, aluminum frame, enclosure, cabinet, fascia etc are frequently manufactured in Starway. There are different aluminum alloy grades includes Aluminum 1010, 3003, 5052, 6061, 7075 etc. We are capable of handling different fabrications for the aluminum sheets including aluminum sheet laser cutting, bending and forming the aluminum sheet, apply Tig welding and mig welding to aluminum sheet.

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