Industrial laser cutters are used to cut flat-sheet material as well as structural and piping materials.Laser cutting is normally the first-step manufacturing operation for a sheet metal part to cut whatever shape needed before forming or welding. You need use a standard sheet and cut to the shapes requested as “flat-pattern” size, and if any slots, holes, ect, you will need to cut it in advance. There are several ways to do the cutting based on the specific product and project requirement.

Laser cutting is normally the first step before forming or welding. It is able to cut various steel,

Stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and copper sheets to whatever shapes needed. If there are any slots or holes, you will need to cut it in advance.

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Cutting edge is smooth 

Cutting route is flexible

High speed cutting

No tooling needed, quick time for machine set-up.

There are 3 Laser cutting machines in Starway which is able to cut both Flat Sheet and Tubes.

- Max Cut Size: 1500*6000mm                                                                                              

- Max Cut Thickness: 20mm
- Cutting Precision: +/-0.1mm

We are able to laser cut Plate, and Pipe from Steel, Stainless, Aluminum and Copper.


Stainless Laser Cutting

We are able to laser cut stainless steel panels or plates up to 12mm thickness,  maximum size at 1500*6000mm, there are different grades of Stainless sheet, including SUS201, SUS202, SUS304, SUS316 etc. 

With consideration of the surface protection, we normally stick the protective film on the stainless 

steel sheet during laser cutting in order to avoid scratches during or after laser cutting. 


Steel laser cutting

Carbon steel sheet laser cutting is the most frequently job we've done. Compared with Stainless laser cutting, carbon steel is much easier to laser cut, cutting edge is more smooth. We are able to laser cut up to 20mm thick steel sheet, no cutting burs and fast speed. 

There are quite a lot different carbon steel grades available, like low carbon steel, structural steel, special steel etc. The most often used materials like Q235 which is equivelant to S235, DC01, Q345 which is equivelant to S355.


Aluminum Laser Cutting

Aluminum alloy sheets includes different options, the most often used grade is AL5052-H32 which is bendable and weldable, as well as AL6061-T6 which is strong and weldable. Compared with stainless or carbon steel, apparently Aluminum sheet laser cutting is the most challenging material as it is highly reflective. 

In Starway, we are able to laser cut up to 8mm thick Aluminum sheet at all different shapes requested. Just send me the CAD files for quick production. We will laser cut the aluminum panels, plates, blanks quickly as per your drawing.


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Laser Cutting