Starway CNC Turning Capability

With Computer Numerical Controlled Turning (CNC Turning) a metal, or plastic,  rod rotates at high speed while a cutting tool is held against the stock to remove surface materials and create the finished part. This process affords incredibly tight tolerances for exacting work.

There are many different operations can be done by CNC Turning Process like: Facing, Parting, Grooving, Boring, Drilling, Knurling, Reaming, Threading, ect, with good and fine finish, precise dimensions.

At Starway, we provide CNC Milling or CNC Turning in a wide variety of materials to fit all of your unique needs! 

If you don't see the material you need or aren't sure what to use for your project, please contact us and we can work with you to find the right material.

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CNC Turned Raw Material

For CNC turning parts, it usually made from the raw material like Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Plastic, Brass, Copper etc, and at the conditions like Round bar, Spare bar, Tube or Pipe etc. 

AL5052, AL6061, AL7075 for aluminum alloy; C45, 42Crmo, S335 for Steel; SS304, SS316, SS420 for Stainless, and also may types of plastics like Acrylic, POM, Delrin, Acetal, PE, ABS etc. 

Our CNC lathe is able to do the turning service for different materials at max diameter of 400mm, and 850mm long based on the customers' drawings, applying surface treatment afterwards.


Basic CNC Turning Features:

we are able to offer turning service for a large range of features based on customers' drawing.

Hard turning — A process designed to replace grinding processes used for hardened materials.

Facing — Facing creates a large planar surface, or a face, on an end of the workpiece.

Grooving and face grooving — The process of cutting grooves of predetermined depth into the sides or face of a workpiece.

Drilling — Used primarily to remove material from the interior of a workpiece beginning at its face, more advanced CNC turning machines can stop workpiece rotation and drill or mill off center or cross center to work piece.

Boring — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a single-point tool.

Reaming — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a multi-fluted tool designed to cut to size of the diameter of the tool.

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CNC Turning