CNC Workshop Overview

The CNC machining workshop occupies 2000sqm equipped with different precise machinery, we are able to provide manufacturing service for steel, stainless and aluminum parts that involved one or more of below manufacturing processes:

-- CNC milling
-- CNC turning
-- CNC Grinding
-- Dri

Besides, we have stable partners for outsourcing services like EDM cutting, Heat treatment, Sand blasting

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Steel Machined Parts

We are providing customized machined parts at different steel alloys based on customers' design and drawings and apply surface treatments like Plating, Passivation, Oxide etc as per customer's request. The steel machined parts are commonly used in commercial and industrial sectors, Typical machined parts like Bushings, Shaft, Gears, Pins, Axles, Pump and valve parts as well as aerospace parts. 

We are using structural steel like C45, S355JR, Tool steel like 12L14, SK steel ect as per the machined parts' functionality. 

Besides, for high quantity, in order to save cost we are customizing the raw material like Cold drawing, Forging, Casting that saves a lot material cost and machining time.


Stainless Machined parts

The stainless steel machined parts, with its characteristics of Corrosion-resistance and high electrical resistivity, are usually used for special sectors like Medical Device, Pump and Oil Gas, Automotives, and some commercial machinery. The Commonly used Stainless steel are SUS301, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316 etc. The typical Stainless steel machined parts like Machined screws, shafts, fittings, kitchenwares etc. 

We are providing the custom CNC machining service with Stainless steel bar, billet, tube and pipe. and when the quantities is high, in order to save cost, we are custommizing the raw material by Casting, Forging and Cold drawing. 


Aluminum Machined parts

As per customers' design, we are able to provide custom CNC machining service for different aluminum alloys like AL2011, AL5052, AL6061, AL7075 etc, Normally apply finishes like colored or colorless anodization after machining. 

The aluminum material is available in Billet and block, tube and pipes, round square or hex  bars. Especially when the production quantity is high, we normally use Die casting and Extrusion to create the customized raw part as the purpose of saving raw material and manufacturing cost. 

The typical aluminum machined parts are widely used in commercial and industrial sectors like Electronics, Aerospace, Mdeical device, General machinery etc


Plastic Machined Parts. 

Plastic machined parts are normally used when there is special requirement on the weight or heat / electrical transit. We are providing custom machining services to the plastic materials like Acrylic, Rubber, POM, Delrin, ABS, PE etc as per customer's choice. 

Before machine the plastic parts, we are studying the raw material characteristics carefully in order to control the Flatness, Roughness, Cracks etc. 

The typical plastic machined parts like Screws or inserts, Housings, Bushings, Gears, Bearings, and other pipe and valve components as well as Electronic components. 

Plastic raw material come from Bars, Tube and pipes or sheets, and when the order quantity is high, we are using Plastic Injection as well as raw part prepartion then machine the required features. 

Besides, there are many other types of material that we are able to machine like Brass, Copper, Titanium, etc. Share us with your design, we feedback with our solution.


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