CNC Bending machine is also called CNC Press Brake, used to bend or form the flat sheet to designed shapes. As sheet metal parts,CNC press brake is the machine to take care of the bending for Steel sheet, Stainless steel sheet and Aluminum sheets based on the drawings.Starway is eqiupped with 8 CNC bending machines from 60 tons to 200 tons, we are able to bend or form different materials like Steel,  stainless, Aluminum or Copper sheets. 

Besides, our bending machines are eqiupped with various bending tooling which is able to work for many different sheet metal parts. and if necessary, we can open the custom bending tooling to fit the specific parts.

-Max Power: 200 tons

-Max Bend Length: 3500mm

-Max Bend THK: 8mm

-Facilitated with universal forming tools

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Thick Sheet Bending Service

With our bending machine, we are able to bend quite thick stainless sheet, steel sheet  or aluminum sheet up to 12mm thick, and 4000mm long at different angles or shapes. 

The thickness and length of the sheet requires heavy bending machine which has enough pressing power. 

The heavy bended sheet metal parts are normally used on machinery, trucks or buildings. 


Sheet Metal Hemming

The hemming feature for sheet metal parts are frequently used as the purpose of strengthening up the whole sheet metal piece or sharp edge protection for handling security. 

To form the hems, normally it requires 2 steps, bending up 30 degress as the first step and flattening back as the second step. During the bending operation, operators have to be careful to make sure it is straight after forming the hems. 

We are able to form different types of hems including closed hems or open hems for Stainless sheet, Aluminum sheet or Carbon steel sheet at different thickness. 


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