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Surface Treatment is normally requested for a metal part after fabrication as the purpose of anti-rust, good looking, or stability.
There are many different Surface Treatment based on different material or functionality.
Bascially what we usually applied are:
Powder coating
Liquid Painting
Zinc plating
Hot dipped galvanization



Powder coating: Powder coating is normally used when the product is made from Steel, this is mainly used for anti-rust purpose.
Liquid Painting: It is similar to powder coating, but in some certain industries like Vehicles, painting is normally used.
Zinc Plating: Zinc plating is used for steel parts, silver or bluish colors are available.
Hot Dipped Galvanization: Usually short as HDG, usually it is used for thick and heavy steel parts. It has much stronger anti-rust capability than zinc plating, but the surface is rough.
Anodization: it is normally used for aluminum parts to avoid oxide. Different colors available.
Oxide: it is usually used for small steel hardwares, black color.
Passivation: it is usually used for stainless parts to make the stainless part more durable
Nitride: it is a type of Heat treatment which is used to make the finished part Hard.

Starway has been working with our stable partners for years to meet up different surface treatments based on our customers' requirements.

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