Starway Automatic Powder Coating Line


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•Product Size:2550*850mm, glossy white


•Spray Room Capacity:5000*2000*3000mm(Length X Width X Height)


•Total Length of Auto Line: 500m


Powder Coating Quality Control
Starway can provide all kinds of color coating according to customer’s requirement, the material can be used on any kinds of steel, aluminum alloy or even stainless steel. For any spray, we will perform standard test including:

•Measuring coating thickness to ensure its anti-rust ability


•Measuring color difference to ensure the color is consistent with customer requirement


•Cross-hatch test ensures the adhesion of the coating and avoids the occurrence of peeling in the future.


How to operate and confirm coating requirements
Usually we do the following steps to ensure that the powder coating we provide meets the customer's requirements. If customer has any special requirements for the powder, the customer needs to inform in advance, otherwise we will use the domestic ordinary powder, which is very important, since the powder is directly related to the anti-rust ability of the powder coating.

•Customer needs to send a small sample of the required color

•Our company customizes the powder according to the customer’s sample and provide a sample to the customer for confirmation

•Once confirmed by the customer, our company will ensure that the quality of the spray in batch production is consistent with the sample, including coating thickness, color, adhesion, etc.