What is the difference between CNC lathe and nc machining center


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After power-on, the machine should return to zero operation, and then the main shaft is hot, and then it can enter the normal processing state. If the processed product is well adjusted, the parts can be machined after being clamped, and then press the cycle start button in the automatic processing mode.

The word numerical control machine tool is very general, numerical control lathe, numerical control milling machine, all numerical control can be called numerical control machine tool.

Discrete processing center, processing center and horizontal machining center, the difference between the two processing direction is different, but other basic about the same, take knife library, you can use many tools for a variety of processing.

The simplest understanding of the difference between a CNC lathe and a machining center is that a tool is rotated and a product is rotated. Numerical control lathe processing products will not be too big commonly, big revolving centrifugal force big clip, but lathe processing speed is fast, suitable for small products, bulk processing, and processing center is suitable for small batch processing, complex products processing.

The difference between a CNC milling machine and a machining center is basically a library with a knife library without a knife, and the others are not too much.

The commonly used basic of these kinds of numerical control machine tools, and nc boring and milling machine use more points, he is mainly processing large work pieces.