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Steel Sleeve Auto Parts Turning Parts

•Material: Case Hardening Steel, 16MnCr5
•Fabricating Process:
1.Hot Forging
2.Quenching and Tempering
3.CNC Turning

•Product Application:Auto Parts
•Fabrication Demonstration
1.Hot forging: Hot forging with custom-made mold to produce workblank


2. Quenching and Tempering: To minimize the deformation caused by the heat treatment in the later stage, hot forged workblank needs to be quenched and tempered.

3.   CNC Turning: Machining workblank to the required size of the drawings.


4. Nitriding: Gas nitriding to achieve the surface hardness and nitriding depth required by the drawings


•Quality Control
1.Go-no Gauge Check



2. Comprehensive Inspecting Tools Examination


3. Coordinate Measuring Test


4. Hardness Test




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