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Stainless Enclosure _ Stainless Cabinet _ Stainless LCD Display _ Sheet Metal Fa

Raw Material Stainless Steel 304
Finish #4 Satin Finish
Manufacturing Process Laser cutting, CNC Bending, Welding, Grinding, Assembly
Application LCD Display, Stainless Enclosure, Stainless Cabinet

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  • Manufacturing Process: Comprehensive Sheet metal fabrication processes involved.
This Stainless Project brings us quite valuable manufacturing experience to Starway:
Comprehensive Manufacturing Processes involved: to complete the full assembly of this stainless enclosure, we need to use Laser cutting, CNC bending, Tig welding, PEM Insertion, #4 Satin finish brushing, Assembly, ect.
The Critical aspect of this job is the surface quality, no scratches allowed at all, during the fabrication process, the surface has to be protected well enough to avoid any potential scratch.
Final Assembly has to be taken carefully.
Finished Products

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Starway Provides One-Stop Solution for Metal Manufacture including:
---- Sheet Metal Fabrication
---- CNC Machining
---- Metal Stamping
---- Assembly

Application To Industries as:
---- Building Products
---- Furniture Manufacturing
---- Architectural & Structural Metal
---- Oil & Gas
---- Heavy Machinery
---- Ventilation
---- Green Energy
---- Electrics & Electronics
---- Aerospace
---- Motor Vehicle
By Starway R&D Team

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