It is fully understood in Starway how our employees contributes to the business success; how an innovative technical engineer helps to improve design and save cost, how a rigorous Quality engineer contributes to the consistent quality improvement, how a professional project manager matters for customer relationship with regular communication and on time feedback to the customers.

In Starway, in order to ensure the projects are proceeded in a smooth way at expected quality level and lead time, each project is assigned to the core team that includes:

-- Project Manager- keep regular communication & feedback to customers

-- Technical engineer- work out drawings, DFM analysis, SOP ect

-- Quality engineer- inspection, quality control plan, corrective action ect


                                                                ► ENGINEER TEAM

In Starway, there are the technical engineers with +10 year experience in their specialized fields. Though we are the manufacturer of customized products based on clients’ design, we still spent much efforts and work with customers to improve the design and decrease cost based on our experience. 

For each project, after the FA or trial order production, our technical engineer is working out a “Design Improvement Plan” based on the on-site production feedback with the purpose of cost saving & quality consistence.


                                                                QUALITY TEAM

Quality control, as the base of business success, is always the priority and Core advantage in Starway. Our quality engineers are specialized in metal manufacturing fields for +5 years who are involved in the project quality management during the whole process.

FAIR (First Article Inspection Report): before the mass production, each item is inspected, evaluated and recorded in details, then feedback to customers with our comments. FAIR hardcopy is provided along with physical samples.

The approved sample is taken as the Golden sample for mass production


Dupro (During production inspection): Regular on-site inspection during production is conducted ,recorded and feedbacked to customers to ensure consistent quality.


PSI (Pre-shipment inspection): An overall inspection before the shipment is conducted based on customer’s print, focusing mainly on Finish, Quantity, Packaging, Label ect.



In Starway, we have the strictly-controlled and supervised operation procedure in order to make sure all the orders will be procured smoothly as per our commitment to our customers.

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