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Inspection jig development for Mass production, CNC Turning part, Auto Parts

Back Ground:

Starway started the cooperation with M company who is the No.2 auto parts manufacturer worldwide. For the new project, it is a spacer sleeve made by CNC turning process that requires quite tight tolerance, especially the precise requirements of 0.01mm to the features like Runout, Parallesm, Concentrecity.

During the prototyping or Trial run production, we are able to control the above features by CMM measuring.
But how should we control the quality during the mass productions of hundreds of thousands pieces?


Thanks to our team's efforts, we designed, engineered and built up a comprehensive inspection jig which is able to measure the features precisely and efficiently.

--- It has to be readable, so we can measure the actual data during the CNC Turning production

--- It has to be Reliable and Consistant

--- It has to be High-efficiency, so we can check enough quantity during production without slowing down the production

Finally, the below inspection jig came up to support our Quality Control, and it proved to be a great success.

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