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Deep Drawn Metal Stamping and Its Forming Techniques

Mass production techniques of these connectors and couplings rely on metal-forming methods that can produce high quality shapes in a fast amount of time while reducing the amount of wasted materials. One such method that is popular among manufacturers is deep drawn stamping.
Deep Drawn Stamping Overview
Deep drawn stamping requires the use of metal dice that form regular and irregular metal shapes in sheet metal blanks. The term "deep drawn" refers to when the depth of the created metal shape is equal to or greater than its overall diameter. The metal blank is placed on a plug as it is moved and elongated across the die using constant pressure until the desired shape becomes stamped into the metal blank.
A big reason many manufacturers prefer the deep drawn process is that the single-created part is seamless and can replace parts that have multiple components. This method cuts down on time and money spent on subpart assembly and numerous metal forming operations to put together the overall part for use in commercial and residential applications. A wide range of different metals can be used in the deep drawn process:
Stainless steel
Cold-rolled steel
Forming Techniques for Deep Drawn Stamping
Deep drawn stamping usually involves other combined techniques to form the metal part as it moves through the press. The forming method you choose will be based on the type of metal part you are creating and its application.

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