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Decorative Concrete Sealer For Stamped and Stenciled Surfaces

External stamped and stenciled concrete usually are exposed to traffic like driveways, weather like sun, snow and rain making it susceptible to fading and other structural problems. Since cement or concrete is a porous material, it will to absorb moisture and chemicals when left untreated and unsealed.
Both stamped and stenciled concrete decorative techniques are similar, using patterns for it to resemble natural materials like stone, bricks or cobblestones. They differ in the pattern material used. Stamped concrete uses rubber design mats while stenciled concrete uses disposable paper stencils. Using stencils also produces more distinctive grout lines since color is added after the stencil is placed on the concrete.
There are different types of sealers used for both types of external surfaces. These can be film forming sealers or penetrating type of sealers that are referred to as breathable or repellents. Film forming sealers protects the surface of the concrete by forming a barrier. This will protect moisture and chemicals from being absorbed by the concrete. Breathable coats protect the concrete from the inside by penetrating and binding with the concrete. This type of sealer is advisable for pool decks and driveways since these are not as slippery as film forming type of sealers. Film forming sealers will give off a glossy finish while penetrating sealers will give a matte finish. Either sealer can be water or oil-based.
Water-based sealers are preferred over solvent based sealers because they are easier to use, it doesn't give off fumes like solvents and can be applied by brushing, spraying or with a roller. It also dries faster and will result in a concrete surface that is resistant to abrasion and dust, making clean up easier. It is also UV resistant unlike epoxy-based sealers.

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