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Overview of Sheet Metal Work

This type of material comes in several different thicknesses, depending on the finished purpose and the strength needed. Workers trained to work with this material cut, roll, and shape it to form many different items.
Overview of Sheet Metal
This substance has many different purposes, those easily seen in objects and those that often remain hidden. This substance has a thickness of 1/4 inch or less. Sheet Metal resembles plate metal, but this type of material is thicker, and it is used for large objects such as bridges, ships, and turbines. The two different materials have a similar manufacturing process, but the sheet metal process is typically performed cold, not warm. This manufacturing process creates strong pieces with smooth and even surfaces.
Objects Produced
A variety of items come from this material. Within the car industry, a sizable amount of automobile parts are derived from this substance. The products are seemingly endless:
-farming machinery 
-office equipment 
-restaurant equipment 
-precision equipment 
-wraps around columns 
Training and Skills Required for the Trade
Some people train for sheet metal work by taking classes or training as apprentices. Apprenticeship generally lasts up to five years, and an apprentice earns wages during the training time. Sheet Metal training and skills utilized by this type of professional include specialized mathematics, pattern development, and layout. Workers are skilled in measuring, cutting, shaping, and bending the materials. Cutting involves shearing the material. Bending involves forming the substance around a specific axis. Deep drawing involves the formation of a rounded cup or a flat-based box with vertical walls. Additional processes include ironing and spinning the substance.

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