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4M Long Part Stamping and Bending Solution

Starway team is Never giving up in front of any manufacturing obstacles, we believe there is always a way to reach the goal, we just need to find out the way no matter how much efforts we have to spend.

Recently Starway team successfully developped a 4-meter long project that reqeusts stamping and bending process.

this is a roofing panel made from 24gauge PVDF paint sheet, the Difficulities lays in front as below:

  • The panel is too thin (24gauge) and too long (4m), it's quite flappy during operation
  • There are many Ribs needed on the surface, while the flatness after fabrication is requested at +/-3mm.
  • Forming the shape is not easy due to the warpage after stamping the ribs.

Starway Engineering Teams spent 3 weeks to develop the 4m long stamping die which is able to form all the ribs by one press and cause Minimum warpage after stamping, after that we built the fixture for bending purpose which ensures the bending process is precise enough.

Well Done, Starway Team !

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