The Sheet Metal Fabrication workshop occupies 7000sqm, equipped with Hi-Tech manufacturing machinery. Starway provides the engineering and manufacturing service of different sheet metal parts & assembly based on customers’ design or concept that includes:

► Cutting: Shear, Laser cut, CNC Punch

► Bending: Various forming shape

 Welding: Tig, Mig & Spot welding

► Drilling, Taping, PEM Insertion ect

 All the different surface treatment as Painting, Powder coating, Zinc plating, HDG, Anodization will be outsourced 


Aluminum Sheet Metal Products:

Starway MFG has been specializing in Custom Aluminum Fabrication Since Year 2011. As the Aluminum parts manufacturer, we are able to provide the manufacturing services including Aluminum Cutting, Aluminum Bending, Aluminum Welding, as well as other fabrication services like drilling, rolling, Assembly ect. and Normally for Aluminum parts, we are applying Anodization or powder coating surface treatments.

The Typical Aluminum Sheet Metal Products include Aluminum Enclosure, Aluminum Cabinet, Aluminum Rack, Aluminum Structure etc that are used for many different purposes and industries.

Steel Sheet Metal Products:

Custom steel fabricated part is a quite common sheet metal product, normally involved with one or more of the fabricating services like steel cutting, steel bending, steel welding and assembly. Also powder coating, zinc plating and Hot dipped galvanization are the regular surface treatments applied to avoid rust.

The typical steel fabrication parts like steel frame, steel structure, steel tank, enclosure or kiosk widely used for industrial and commercial purposes. Starway MFG has been working on various steel products for both small precise components or large scale structures.


Sheet metal parts and products are cold forming parts from Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Copper ect, it has been widely used in various industries.
Starway is dedicated to manufacturing the high quality sheet metal parts based on customer's design used in many different industries all over the world.

Automotive Industry
There are many sheet metal parts needed in automotive industry which are supposed to build or modify the vehicles, as the auto parts, these sheet metal parts must be reliable in terms of performance and outcome.
Typical parts like Brakes, Shears, Enclosures, Tools ect.  


Construction Industry
There is a vast scope of sheet metal parts in construction industry which are used in building materials indoor and outdoor. These sheet metal parts must be either intricate or heavy duty.
Typical parts like Tanks, Frames, Booths, Decromative parts ect.


Oil and Gas Industry
The sheet metal parts used for drilling as well as evaluation activities conducted during oil and gas extraction. The tools used in the oil and gas industry need to be fabricated accurately with attention to every last detail. A small mistake could amount to the loss of a life and property. Hence, the tools used to fabricate components for this industry should be reliable
Typical parts like Adapter plate, Custom metal louvers, Storage Tanks ect


Medical Industry
There are specific equipment needs of the medical industry can be catered to with the help of precisely engineered sheet metal fabrication tools.
Typical parts like Customized hospital beds, HVAC systems, Intricate instruments, Medical Carts ect.


Farming Industry
There are many metal parts needed for farming industry for protection, landscape ect.
Typical parts like Gate, Landscaping parts, Garden Corners, ect


The above are just some typical application industries, actually there are a lot more industries involved, as sheet metal part is the base for almost all industries.
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