Punch presses are developed for high flexibility and efficient processing of metal stampings. The main areas of application are for small and medium runs. Those machines are typically equipped with a linear die carrier (tool carrier) and quick change tools. Today the method is used where the application of lasers are inefficient or technically impractical. CNC is the abbreviation of Computer Numerically Controlled.

CNC punch is normally used as the cutting operation for a sheet metal part when the sheet metal parts is made from thin material normally lower than 3mm THK (11GA). CNC punch machine is working with tooling which is able to trim or form different features as per the design.


CNC punching is normally used when the quantity is large to save manufacturing cost.
It is able to punch and form different features like Knockout, Bridge, Rib, Louvers ect.

Starway is equipped with 2 CNC punches:

-- Max Power: 25 tons

-- Max cut size: 1200*2400mm

-- Max punch THK: 3mm

-- Facilitated with universal tools

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