In Starway, it is requested that our engineering team assists customers to build the design, optimize the manufacturing drawings and improve the design to save cost.  Drawings package and BOM will be provided to customer for approval. In Starway, it is required that for the Prototype order, the workshop drawings have to be completed in one day, and for bulk production, the drawings have to be completed in 1-2 days max in order to save time and runs the project in a quick manner.


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First Article Inspection Report:Before mass production, each project is examined, evaluated and recorded in detail, and then feedback to customers through our comments. Provide FAIR hard copy and physical samples.

During Production Inspection: Inspection time: Engineers check every two hours to ensure the quality of the goods. Inspection report: The results will be reported and recorded every two hours. Archiving: Each customer establishes a unique folder, and all inspection records are archived for future checks.

Pre-shipment Quality Inspection: The inspection report needs to examine the function, assembly, surface treatment and packaging of the product.

Accordingly each week, our project team members presents exactly the production status of the week, and the production plan of the next week; how the quality goes, what are the quality issues and the solutions together with the quality report.